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Psych Stillness
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A Still Icon Challenge for Psych.
Welcome to Psych Stillness

This is a Psych icon challenge community modded by wandersfound and odannygirl7 and was started by plasticfruits.
Rules & such totally ganked from sawyerstillness, but plasticfruits is the mod there, so it's not ok for anyone else to do!

Banners done by switch842 and odannygirl7

1. Icons cannot be animated!
2. Do not post your icon anywhere before the winners are announced. Your icons must remain anonymous during the voting stage, otherwise that'd be cheating.
3. No voting for your own icon. Please? We both know it's lame.
4. Icons must fit to Livejournal's icon size standards! 100x100 pixels and 40kb
5. Images may not be blended together.
6. Only one icon is to be made for each picture given in the challenges.
7. Please don't take any of the contest icons without the creator's permission.
8. You must be a member to participate in challenges.

1. You will need a host site that allows remote linking. I suggest using ImageShack and Photobucket. For paid LJ users, you can use your Scrapbook.
2. You will need to post your icons into the LJ entry that contains the week's challenge.
3. You will need to tell us whether you want a banner should your icon win a place at the end of the challenge.
4. When you submit your icons, I want the image as well as the link to the image.


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